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Studio Visit with Hannah Blount



It occured to me that we are long over due for a check in with one of my favorite local jewelers, Hannah Blount of Hannah Blount Jewelry.

I actually stopped into her studio before Mother's Day last month and was blown away- by her, as usual, her new space (be sure to swing by open studios and see if yourself), and of course, her beautiful work. Fast forward about four weeks and I am actually putting together some of the images with a quick Q&A from Hannah. Try blogging on any kind of time table with two kids under three. I dare you!

Hannah has been flexing her design muscles and expanding the lines a bit, including high end expertly crafted items, with fine gems and metals, as well as some fun items......think beetles and lady bugs, which sold out in a split second! You can also snag yourself a deal with her new sale section, featuring discontued items and select peices. She has likewise expanded her tattoos with a Klimt inspired beauty, another passion we both share. Is it any wonder I love all she does?

Hannah is a true talent. Do yourself a favor and check out her latest work. 


Hannah Blount Jewelry

450 Harrison Ave

Boston MA 02118


Welcome to your new studio space! How has the move and larger space changed things?
Thanks! The new studio has been so great, I felt at home instantly. Whilst it's less intimate then the last space, it allows for so much more productivity and has accommodated my growing team. It's really nice to be able to welcome visitors to the studio comfortably.

Your new collections are out of this world. What was the inspiration behind the insect pieces?
I'm so glad you think so! I wanted to create insect inspired pieces for a very long time. They are inspired by art nouveau jewelry; nature and it's organic refinement inspires all of my work, so these pieces are a very natural addition to the Vanity collection. We've received a lot of excitement over them – Chicago's Driehaus Museum will have many of the pieces available over the summer, and we've made a few more of the Tiny Turquoise Diamond Beetle Ring (available online). There will definitely be more insect inspired pieces on the way! 

What else do you have in the works collection wise?
The Vanity and Cameo collections have expanded so much in the last few months, so you'll definitely see more new and exciting pieces there. Lately I've been commissioned for a lot of custom projects, from engagement + wedding rings to bringing new life to family heirlooms. One of those custom projects was a pair of cufflinks made from blister pearls – that was a dream project because I've always wanted to create more menswear pieces, so I will be expanding on that soon. I also have a really special collaboration with Rosie's Place coming up that I can't wait to share – stay tuned!

Any trunk shows or upcoming events we should mark the calendar for?
Yes! This summer is already proving to be very busy: I'll be in JA New York's whole sale show in July, as one of Liz Kantner's New Designer Gallery artists. I'll also be at Don Mueller Gallery in North Hampton, as well as Adorn in Cape Cod and Hepburn in Nantucket throughout July and August. And of course, First Fridays here at the studio.



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