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What is Mon Petit Chou Chou?

Mon Petit Chou Chou [pronounced mohn petite shoe shoe] directly translates as "my little cabbage". In common use, the term refers to someone's favourite (or a delicious pastry!). It is a French term of endearment and a Boston-based lifestyle blog, broadcasting about fashion, delicious food, and fun happenings with a French twist.

Noelani Zervas, Mon Petit Chou Chou’s {MPCC} self professed Francophile founder, editor, model,                                         and stylist, launched MPCC as a way to indulge her style obsessions, new recipes, and                                                               general conspicuous consumption.

She likes to play dress up, shop, cook, and most importantly, shares well with others.  

If you like shots and stories about babies, bullmastiffs, chihuahua's,                                                                                               and last nights dinner you are in the right spot.


Who is Mon Petit Chou Chou?

Noelani is passionate about family, fashion, travel, art, music, wine,                                                                                                   food, design and shoes -- not necessarily in that order. 

She lives just outside Boston with her wonderful husband,                                                                                                               daughter Daphne, chihuahua Ty, and bullmastiff Kiki- contributors,                                                                                                 editors and muses, all. 


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