Hazy Nantucket: Shopping, Dining & Adventures Guide

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Beach look day one: embroidered mu-mu and happy babe, the ultimate accessory.

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Post and beam cottage, sure looks pretty, sure puts the grey in mom and dad's hair with a stair climbing babe!

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Ellie Kai trunk show at the White Elephant. Stay tuned for more on their amazing tunics!

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Custom made beach cover up from a talented pal. 

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Follain's crisp interior space, or, how I plan to design my bathroom. 

 photo 08ce2e14-77dc-4b91-8807-32111fc7f3d9_zps565ba7ac.jpg

My Persifor clutch saw a lot of action between all our beach hopping and trips to town.

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-22at24704PM_zps71c86e5a.jpg

Beach babe.

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Food truck fare at Cisco Brewers.

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-22at24658PM_zpsd9065db5.jpg

Babe and chardonnay.

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-22at24701PM_zps41e1e725.jpg

A solid collection of Hannah Blount gems at Hepburn.

 photo 3e29f1ce-e2fd-499f-93c7-be4ae267aea0_zps0cc3b994.jpg

Printed shorts by Harvey Faircloth at Erica Wilson, turquoise studs by Hannah Blount at Hepburn, braided raffia dipped in gold at Serenella, prints and candles galore at Bodega.

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-22at24715PM_zps2d696baf.jpg

Cottage life.

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Fat dog in a little car.


Welcome back to the daily grind. What a drag post vacation. Can't we just stay on vaca all summer long?

I was going to do a pretty post of the trip, filled with fancy photos, beautiful shots with tons of bokeh and golden sunsets, but you know, why recreate the wheel when Instagram so succinctly sums everything up?

The trip & digs: We packed up our suddenly tiny SUV full of baby gear and one very large, slobbery, stinky bullmastiff (who shall go unnamed, but rhymes with tiki) for the ferry ride. Daphne is used to getting all the attention, but I can assure you, a large dog in a packed car definitely garners much more than a cute baby. My car will never be the same. There isn't a detail service powerful enough to unstink the Kiki. Luckily, our cottage was Nantucket cuteness to the max, erasing all memory of the stinky ride over. Post and beam, crammed with beachy details. Oh and a totally open second floor and large windy staircase, great for small babes learning to walk......or fall to the first floor. Makes for great memories of where Daphne learned to climb stairs! EEEK.

Dining: We hit all the beaches in short order and pretty much ate our way through the island. Our first stop was Something Natural, where we picked up everything we could ever need for a beach picnic. Long story short, it was so good we went back the next day with friends! Warning: the herb bread is addicting. Fresh fish tacos from Millies? A must. I could've eaten the scallops with bacon and blue cheese daily. Bivalves and wine on the water at Cru? Doesn't get any better. Cru was very much Daphne approved as you can tell from the pics above! Fresh produce from Bartlett's Farm, I mean, who needs the farmshare anymore? Oh and don't even think about missing out on the freshly shucked oysters by 167 Raw or the lobster rolls and spicy calamari from the food truck at Cisco Brewers. I may have had a beer (or 10), as well as the spiciest, most refreshing, fresh ginger dark and stormy. The perfect way to spend the one rainy day during our stay. And speaking of booze, there is an outpost of one of my favourite Boston wine shops on the island as well, Brix, perfect for last minute runs to stock up on refreshing rose.

Beach style & shopping: My beach style? Pretty much that of an eighty year old woman. I really just couldn't get to packing any of my clothes, as preoccupied as I was sorting for a baby, mastiff, and husband. Think lots of beach cover-ups and tunics (like the pretty one custom make by Khatu, above), or my everyday embroidered mu-mu. My cork Persifor tote saw heavy use, doubling as a beach bag in the day and clutch at night. 

I didn't do much shopping on the island, seeing how they are in a state of perpetual summer and everything summer is on sale in the real world! Sales, or lack thereof aside, worth the stop was the Ellie Kai trunk show at the White Elephant, which happened to coincide with my visit. This customizable brand has a simply lovely designer (the tall drink of water Liz Hostetter) and beach friendly designs from flirty to maxi. 

I also stopped in:

Hepburn, owned by the delightful Tracy Berry, stocks designs by the Nantucket born and bred jewelry designer (and babe) Hannah Blount. You may have heard me mention her on the site before?

Just up the street from Hepburn is Erica Wilson, which stocks everything for mom AND babe. Think fresh, preppy designs by the likes of Harvey Faircloth and Calypso St Barth, along with hip gear for the tots and achingly gorgeous smocked, embroidered dresses by Anavini (one of Daphne's faves).  

Need to get your chic on? Swing into Serenella's Nantucket outpost. Packed with Pucci and dripping in Delfina Delettrez, it was all I could do not to leave my wallet behind.

Next door to Serenella is the healthy beauty store Follain, freshly opened. I took the opportunity to stock up on everything I forgot to bring with- including a heady Midnight Honey body oil. It absorbs like a dream and leaves behind a sweet, mellow scent. 

Last but not least, Bodega, which had home furnishings just my speed- quirky, modern, and fun. Think affordable prints, lucite and driftwood dining, and knick-knacks just begging to be gifted to all your friends. I was ready to move in.

So, my question for hubs is, when are we going back?


Dining & Drinking: Something NaturalMillies, Cru, Cisco Brewers, 167 RawBrix 

Style & Shopping: Ellie Kai, PersiforHepburn, Erica Wilson, Serenella, Follain, Bodega, for more ideas check out Racked's Nantucket Shopping round up

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Beach Ready With My Tunic & Fedora

Above: Isabel Marant Etoile bloom tunic, J Crew liberty print bathing suit, Erotokritos ermis sandals, Persifor clutch, Forever 21 fedora, Rayban aviators


Beachy-keen style, broadcasting from our cottage in Nantucket last week. 

Glad I picked up this tunic on sale pre-vaca, it has a loose weave that keeps you cool, looks chic, and with a slip underneath, doubles as a dress out at night. Wish I had bought the shirt too!

Stay tuned, lots of Nantucket dining and shopping adventures coming up in a post later this week. Vacation, in a nutshell. Lots of food, beer, and prettiness to dish on.


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Jennifer Chun F/W 2014

Images: Jennifer Chun/Model Annabelle Tsaboukas


Fresh off vacation to Nantucket, and no, it's not to early to think fall. You know all the stores are already stocking it. I mean good luck trying to find a bikini, like I did, the day before you're off to the beach. For the record, that was an epic failure.

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Better Late Than Never: Marant Jeans

Photos: Jessica Delaney Photography


Above: Isabel Marant jeans from a WAY long time ago, Madewell top (similar model on sale), Proenza Schouler PS1, Erotokritos Ermis sandals


So yeah, I missed this Marant western trend by about 3 years. But hey, I got pregnant, had a baby, and just finally managed to squeeze my a*s into them. Which felt pretty damn good.

I may have even toasted the occasion with a glass of bubbly.

Still love the embroidery and crop. I know I'll wear these for summers to come. From the beach to the MFA, which happens to be where they last had a walk-about. 

Back from vacation and can't wait to share some of my Nantucket finds......and tan. Which is really more of a tan from my lulu tank top and our morning run with babe and stroller, c'est la vie, a tan is a tan.

Stay tuned for more!


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Lani Loves: Delfina Delettrez



What I am loving this week.

Or what I just bought.

More often than not, both.


I have yet to add any Delfina Delettrez to the jewelry box, but it is on my short list (FYI husband). Cause I am a sucker for anything with an evil eye. And this theme runs rampant in her work. This ring though, it takes the cake. 

Keep away the bad juju and look pretty cool at the same time? I'm sold.


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In God We Trust Fuck Off



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